Roadside shaves: only in India?

Need a fresh shave mid-day? Just pull up a chair. The first time I saw a barber set up like this, I was in Agra — but they seem to be all over the country.


Tomorrow morning we leave for Bhiwani, our final official stop on the GSE. We’ve loved our time in Hisar, and there’s a part of me that almost wishes it was ending here, and only because it would be on such a high note. Let’s hope Bhiwani is just the same. 

After Bhiwani, we’ll head to Delhi and three of us, myself included, will depart for 30 (ish) hours of travel to eventually get back to Oklahoma City. Apparently we have jobs to report back to. One of us is pit-stopping in Paris, and the other of us is staying in India for another three weeks. Just can’t get enough samosas, I guess. 

As usual, I hope to have internet access at our next stop. I’ve been on a roll lately — hope the wifi well isn’t drying up. I want to tell you about what it’s been like to be a woman, especially a white woman, in this country, about the pressure many Indian women are under to have male children (as though it’s somehow under their control), about joined families, and about my experiences with journalists over the last 3.5 weeks. 

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