Always a groomswoman, never a — wait …

If all I blog about is weddings, is there any real proof that I do anything else on the weekends?

2011-2012 has become the season for weddings for my best friends, and one Clayton Kelley was no exception. I was a groomswoman (groomsmaid?) and it was, well, pretty much the best.

One of these is not like the others. (Photo by Dustin Meyer photography.)

Clayton and I buddied up as camp counselors many, many summers ago. We first became friends over chow mein. (It’s a long story.) The next summer we took some of the coolest high schoolers in history on a kayaking trip to Missouri and this happened, which probably/definitely sealed the deal on forever-friendship.

2006. Probably immediately pre-chow mein.

Last year when I met Clayton’s then-girlfriend, Lydia, I told Clayton that if something happened and for some idiotic reason he didn’t ask her to marry him, I was keeping her for a friend and ditching him. It wasn’t really a joke. That’s how wonderful we all think she is.

And so the Kelley-Crawford Wedding Weekend happened in Austin, Texas last month. And we all had a really, really good time.

Summing up the weekend in < 140 characters.

Being a groomswoman was kind of the best of both worlds. This bridal party could not have been even a little bit more fun.

Peekaboo. I got to hang with the beautiful bride, too.

You should know that they had a really fantastic wedding cake. (You might’ve already seen it on CBS. Or a thousand other places on the internet. That’s kinda my fault.)

And there was a photo booth. Because weddings shouldn’t happen if there isn’t going to be a photo booth. Someone make it a law.

Glowstick earrings for the reception? Yes, of course.

Thanks, Camp Classen.

(And a final p.s.: I left these Marek Alaine handmade lovelies in Austin for them. That’s how much these two love their respective cities and states.)

3 responses to “Always a groomswoman, never a — wait …

  1. I can’t believe I wasn’t able to attend the wedding. But I”m glad you had a great time and I miss you both dearly. Love you Linds.
    – B.

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